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Jack Kintner's 1999 Mazda MX-5
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Daily driver for a few years, but a recent restoration (fresh paint, dents repaired, leather patched and restored, tires, etc.) means less driving in the rain, waiting for sunny days like this, rare as they may be in the Great Northwet, for a quick trip to Border Brew, the best (and last, most northern outside Alaska) coffee stop in the land, for a mocha and a photo op. Topless works well. of course, as it does for quick zips into nearby Vancouver. I just like hopping in and doing something that's kind of a lost art: Going For A Drive

Something I don't see mentioned very often is how good a car this is in traffic, especially with the top down, because of its quick and balanced handling and great visibility. And believe me, it's nice to have in a great international city like Vancouver with its not so great international drivers.

Formerly a Porsche guy (911) for many years, I find the Miata way more fun at one tenth the price, and so far (8 years) no tickets - I think the dark green metallic color (close to but not quite BRG) makes it into a bit of a stealth mobile. There have been about half a dozen times when I've zipped into a got-me-dead-to-rights kind of deal only lo find, as if Luke Skywalker were in the trunk, cops rendered mysteriously unaware, either looking the other way, eating a sandwich or doing a Barney Fife with something obvious but invisible right under their noses.

In other words, this car (and the color, I'm sure) has good kop karma and so far (8 years) no tickets, richly deserve them though I may. My red Porsche, on the other hand, drew citations like road kill draws flies.

In what the Brits would call twiddly bits in the hills - and both British Columbia and Washington state have some classic sports car roads - it does as well or better leaving Detroit Iron like Mustangs in the dirt as did my Porsche. It reminds me a lot of the Lotus Elan I drove in the '60's, being all about lightness and nimble handling.

And another bonus - it's small enough to sometimes sneak around barriers when mountain passes are closed for snow, giving you the ultimate pleasure of many miles of empty road all to yourself before hitting snowbanks. And then, surprise surprise, the only car I've had that's better in the snow was my college ride, a two-stroke front wheel drive SAAB.

It's got sway bars, Bilstein shocks, Winwood brakes but basically is mechanically stock. No leaks, no rattles, everything works just fine. Next step - I'm looking at a new ECU Flyin' Miata is now offering, perhaps as a part of a turbocharger package. I'd like to hear from any of you who have turboed that year engine. A lottery win will earn me a V-8 transplant. THEN I'll get tickets but won't care, being rich.

Until then, Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Vehicle Information

Owner: Jack Kintner   [Jack Kintner]
Location: Blaine, WA, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1999
Odometer:75,000 miles
Transmission:5 SPD
Last Updated:2017-01-22 05:36:15
Magic VIN Decoder
Factory: Japan
Make: Mazda
Features: NB3531
Check Digit: 1 = OK
Model Year: 1999
Plant Code: 0
Number: 136698

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2017-01-22 05:36:15

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Jun 6, 2009 Jack Kintner  USA Added to Registry (ID 33258)

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