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How about a bigger supercharger?

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rupert Michael Cowan
Jefferson Co. Kentucky, USA   USA
2002 Mazda MX-5 "Rupert"
2008 Honda Fit "Ms. Scarlet"
2014 Mazda 3
We've all seen Miatas with superchargers and turbochargers. However many may not know that an MP-63 Supercharger has been installed in many Miatas using a complete installation kit designed and marketed by a company that goes by the name of Fast Forward Superchargers.

I bought a very complete kit from Fast Forward Superchargers for about $4K for my '02 LS Miata and have been very happy with it. The kit includes all you need to install including belt, tensioner, intake manifold, supercharger, speed cards, and even two additional fuel injectors.

When using a pressured intake system it is common to need more fuel flow to prevent a lean condition. Fast Forward installed two injectors directly into the new style pressurized intake manifold. This serves two purposes. The raw fuel cools the intake air & also provides extra fuel to prevent leanness. The whole procedure is based on throttle needs. During normal driving the compressor is bypassed and doesn't whine or consume hardly any fuel to pull. In fact as long as I keep my foot out of it, my Miata gets almost exactly the same gas mileage now as before. Upon heavy throttle a valve kicks the intake air through the compressor where it is pressurized and the extra injectors add fuel to the manifold.

The whole system mounts on the "cool air" side of the engine. So unlike most systems there is no heat sink to the air from the exhaust manifold. How does it work? At about 10.5 to 11 p.s.i. rear wheel dyno numbers are in the 220 H.P range at redline. I know of cars with raised redlines & running on ethanol that are producing 15 p.s.i. and 260-275 h.p. without drastic changes to anything in the engine and without tuned headers.

Of course running 200+ horsepower to the rear wheels does make the car handle a little different. I have upgraded shocks, brakes, and swaybars. I suggest that for anyone running more power.

I considered swapping for a V-8 but like the feel and sound of the DOHC 4 and decided I didn't want to modify my Miata that far. Should I want to convert back to stock, it's an easy removal and reinstall process. I've done engine swaps on more than one ride and find this much more to my liking. And on the street, the only obvious change is the dual exhaust system which a lot of stock Miatas have anyway. I call this my little blue secretaries car.

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Lrob143 Larry Roberts
Fairfield, CT, USA   USA
Looks great. I just finished/sold my last project and I am considering a Miata MX5 for my next project.
Which model do you recommend for street/track?
I completed the Skip Barber 3 day school at Road Atlanta last Feb.
Love the way they handle!
Any advice is appreciated. It appears you did some major upgrades.

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