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AZMx-5 Tim K
Avondale, AZ, USA   USA
I see and ad on the site for a $69 performance chip that gives 5-7 more MPH and up to 60 hp more. What are the pros and cons of these ? Are they worth it ?

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Sermonator Avatar
Sermonator Bill Brinkley
Rome, GA, USA   USA
I think you have asked the wrong question. Obviously, they would be worth the 69 if they worked. The question is, do they do what they promise without any downside?
I have seen these things available for years, but have never tried them. They sound almost too good to be true. Remember, from the factory, performance and everything else is a compromise. If you gain something with this kit, you are probably going to give up something else. I don't think I helped much, but, that is my 2 cents worth.

MiataBob Avatar
MiataBob Bob Riggs
Lexington, KY, USA   USA
I bought one a couple of weeks ago and installed it....simple process. It certainly didn't hurt my performance but I have no emperical evidence that it helps, either. Sorry. One of these days I'll do some logging, then disconnect it and repeat. I'll post on here when that happens.

I've also ordered a Hypertech Sport Power Programmer. Retail is $399 but I found one, used once, on eBay for $200. It is much more likely to make a difference, I think.

I'm driving a beautiful red 2006. It's my 2nd Miata. The first was a 1999 that I bought from my brother in law with 28,110 miles on it four years ago. There is a HUGE difference between the two cars!. LOTS of huge differences!.

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HillBill Avatar
HillBill Bill R
Cookeville, TN, USA   USA
Just wondering.....just what are the majors differences you find between the 2006 and the 1999? And also would like to hear from anyone who has bought this $69 chip. Has anyone found any added horses from using it?

MiataBob Avatar
MiataBob Bob Riggs
Lexington, KY, USA   USA
I enjoyed the 99 MIATA, but the 2006 is a much different car. The exterior styling is much more dramatic and I enjoy the bright red as compared to the silver. The lights are better all the way around...front, interior and trunk. The 2 L engine is much more powerful and the six speed outshines the five speed in the 99. The top opens and closes more easily with a single latch and the stows away in its compartment without a snap-on cover. The wheels are bigger and the low profile tires are more attractive and hold the road better. Instrument dials are brighter and easier to read. The steering wheel is adjustable and there's more legroom, which as a six footer I appreciate. My 2006 has leather seats...the 99's were fabric. There are cupholders (!!!) in both doors and in the center. Radio controls and cruise controls are on the steering wheel. I'm having fun adding chrome highlights and trim inside and outside (Moss Miata). The trunk is a little smaller and there is no storage ledge behind the seats, but there is an additional storage compartment between/behind the seats. I wish I could add performance headers and exhaust but apparently they're all illegal in California and we'll be returning there in less than a year. Ditto with a turbo.

I actually feel like I AM getting a small performance improvement from "the chip." But I have no proof.

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Ninja2042 Walter Hamlin
Wilson, NC, USA   USA
Check out Flyin Miata as they just announced that their supercharger is now California legal. The price runs from $4799.00 to $5498.00. It fits all NC Miatas. Dyno chart showed just over 200 Ft lbs & 225 HP, stock was just over 130 Ft lbs & just under 150 hp.
Just wish I had the money to put one on mine - 2015 GT, Zeal Red hard top. It's an automatic which I love - instant shifts when you want them available whether in auto or manual mode. I have added the stage II Koni suspention and Wilwood brake kit (4 piston front and rear) from Flyin Miata. Flat corners... Love it!!!

taagman Avatar
taagman Taag Hage
SF bay area, CA, USA   USA
2004 Mazda MX-5 "My New Best Friend"
As far as programmable ECUs, I saw this on another forum the other day:

"The FM221 is built for us by Motorsports Electronics in the UK. We've developed a unique specification that gives you everything needed for maximum functionality and control - and of course, only Flyin' Miata offers FM's legendary lifetime support. We added a few features that we consider to be required for a good ECU instead of extra-cost upgrades and we've worked hard with ME to add features to the software and get the base calibration fine-tuned to our satisfaction.

One of the big advantages: it fits inside the stock case! This is important for some race series. And of course, it comes with Flyin' Miata's unparalleled lifetime tuning support for the original owner.

And yes, we offer the FM II with the same ECU. With the special pricing, you can get an FM II for only $5099.

Full details at the [copy and paste] links below.";

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davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA

Seriously, also have NC (a 2011 PRHT waiting for it's owner to get scratch together)... that NEEDS that Supercharger,,,, why wait for Factory to come out iwth a Turbo... sometimes it appears the 'factory' goes to Flyin Miata for advise on tuning the Miata. Enough Said.. (that $69 chip,, well it may not HELP enough to gain anything,, and hopefully it will not do any damage; being able to remove and return to OEM. Most of those, "Sounds too good to be True" ads are just what the saying implies,, The older adage of "There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH" is a very true, truism. Hmmm. best leave that one alone. davzway

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