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[NC] Engine exchange after defect - Which engine fits best? What is important?

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ira32183 Ira Irada
Dresden, Germany   DEU
Hello Community,

I have the following request. My 2005 NC (2.0 machine) had an engine failure last year and I would like to have it repaired. Mazda himself wants about 8000€, which is much more than my budget. So I went with it to the independent workshop and they want to take care of it. At the beginning, however, they immediately had the problem that the NC was only introduced to the market in 2006 and that there were some identification problems with the designation of the LF engine. In the back and forth even Mazda was mentioned, who found this unusual.

Anyway, up to now the problem is that I or the workshop couldn't find a motor. At ebay and Co there are always some of them, but nobody is sure if the engines fit. Can anyone tell me how it looks with regard to the compatibility of the different engines (especially engine mounts, engine controls, clutch)? Do you have to be careful to get one of the first engines or do you have to take care of the facelifts? Or is there also a motor of the ND-series possible (I would doubt now, because it also has Skyactive and surely builds clearly different?

Cheers, Ira

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davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
Email Flying Miata (Colorado, USA),, these are really good folks, and KNOW MIATA better than anyone. They may know someone in Germany who can do the work at more reasonable cost. Best I can offer, davzway

davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
NC and 2005 vs begin in 2006. Are you sure the engine is 2.0 NC motor vs 1.8 in NB Miata?

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wolfgangdieter Avatar
wolfgangdieter Gregory Seitz
Mary Esther, FL, USA   USA
I have a 2016 ND - love the 2L 155hp engine. It does mate to the older automatic transmission but uses a new 6 speed manual. I suspect using the ND engine would be near impossible with all the engine electronics that would have to be swapped over. Is intent to rebuild yours, go with short/long block or swap in a used engine? In US there are many fairly low mileage engines from wrecked vehicles or those from JDM. Not sure how plentiful they are in GE.

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