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Sundancer270 Paul Smith
Knoxville, TN, USA   USA
I have a 2009 retractable hard top. My vain lady lady friend refuses to ride in the car with the top down due to blown hair. Has anyone heard of of know a way to heighten or enlarge sun visors where they deflect wind. Stock ones are good as a sun block but as a wind deflector they are no help.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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Greenblack Steven H
Dunfermline, Fife, UK   GBR
I think an explanation of wind in the hair motoring may help more than anything, either that or consign yourself to driving roof up when your lady friend is on board.

I have tried various deflectors over the years but quite simply open top motoring equates to ruffled hair hence the term 'wind in the hair' motoring.

I realise that isn't the most helpful reply but is it not simply the nature of the beast?

A change of car or lady friend would seem to be the logical route

Sundancer270 Paul Smith
Knoxville, TN, USA   USA
I need an enlargement of current visor. Changing car orlady friend is not an option.l

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Greenblack Steven H
Dunfermline, Fife, UK   GBR
Hi Paul,

perhaps I was being a trifle flippant in my initial reply but to date and in 14 years of driving MX5s I have never heard of such a device being made on a commercial basis or even as one of, home made items. My assumption is that you would be looking for an extension to the existing sun visor so that in the 'up' position it would in some manner swoop the incoming air up and over your good lady?

I have to say that given the dynamics of airflow at varying speeds it is highly unlikely that such a device would work and more than likely would make matters much worse, as I say the world of airflow dynamics are somewhat complex and is why our modern aircraft have so many computers on board to maximise lift whilst minimising drag for fuel efficiency and these are operating steady state most of the time, our cars are all over the place in terms off acceleration positive and negative, syeady state is a rarity, even on your highways your speed is up and down quite a lot in airflow terms and on the twisties when you are cornering, accelerating up and down constantly...................... you get the picture, perhaps this is why it has never been pursued commercially and why aerodynamics play such a huge part in the world of Formula One motor racing, the relevance of that statement is much more valid that it may initially seem, in many ways when we take our cars out we are putting them through a very similar environment albeit at a fraction of the speed. I digress a little, the mind of an engineer at play LOL.

Mazda themselves have put a lot of R&D into minimising the amount of disturbed air coming into the cabin and IMHO have done a great job of it, we travelled 4k miles in France a few years back and the roof was never up and my wife never had an issue with the wind in the hair experience. The only thing I can sensibly suggest is to perhaps look at alternative air deflectors, the ones that fit in between the seats, in your case the flip up/down unit. I swapped mine for a laminated glass unit made to copy the perspex unit that is sold as an after-market unit however truth be told this really has made no appreciable difference to the air coming into the cabin.

Unfortunately for you it seems you are stuck with a real dilemma, as I have said there is nothing out there that will reduce the air coming into the cabin by any appreciable amount so it genuinely does come back to either grinning and bearing having to drive roof up when the girlfriend is in the car and make the most of roof down time when she isn't or just try to persuade he that her hair getting messed up a little is part and parcel of being with you and your MX5.

Other options are to look at so called higher end convertibles, Merc etc that allegedly don't allow so much disturbed air to enter the cabin.

Sorry I can't help much otherwise.

MHimmelein Marv Himmelein
Perrysburg, OH, USA   USA
Hair Spray...

rxdoc104 Richard Cimildoro
Mishawaka, IN, USA   USA
Have your lady try a hat or just roll her window up.

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