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AZMx-5 Tim K
Avondale, AZ, USA   USA
I have been going around and around on another Miata forum about the touchyness of the MX-5 at high speeds when you take a quick left or right. Many are of the opinion that the car is inherently unstable and dangerous with the stock set up and that changes should be made to correct. They say the NA and NB do not have these problems. It has got me spooked as the car does react when such a maneuver is undertaken. Some say my stock, from the Mazda dealer, alignment is no good. I got new tires as the ones on it were in excess of 7 years old, but now I am hearing suspension changes, stabilization changes are also needed. Geez, I bought the car as it seemed like it would be fun to drive, now I am feeling that I should be lucky to be alive every time I return home from taking it on the road.

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MrBeel Bill E.
Portland, OR, USA   USA
Hi Tim. I felt the same way about my 2012. All it took for me was to buy and install some sway bars I purchased online from Flyn Miata. Had a local shop install. Now it feels much better. I don't do any kind of racing. If I did, I would start replacing other suspension components.

davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
REPEAT ANOTHER, CONTACT ; FLYIN MIATA,, BILL TANNER, THEIR V-Maxx SHOCKS ON 1992 GAVE NB CHANGES, CHANGING RIDE COMFORT 200 % ++, HANDLING WAS FANTASTIC RACE ACCURATE (COMPARING TO KONI RACING SHOCKS ON CAR FROM PREVIOUS OWNER ..... Flyin Miata also offers some of BEST changes for struts, sway bars, 'X-Brace to stiffen your car frame. GREAT company with even better products at fair prices. Hard to find these days and one of very FEW this reviewer will recommend.

FYI- the current 2011 NC Miata is PRHT Touring version,, handling at HIGH speed is just fine, having done accident avoidance at 70mph with NO complaints, snapping car through repeating 'S' to avoid someone coming into traffic w/o looking- NO issues,, MAY change to V-Maxx Extreme shocks now that available again considering their Supercharger for the car if keeping for many years (a possible move to GA or SC in coming year which is 'snow country' and AWD becomes a consideration (wish Miata would allow customer to design, having another 18 " behind driver seat like 'jump seat' in 911 and other sports cars PLUS AWD with a Turbo or Supercharger,, the resulting Miata .."2+2" or 'whatever' would be PERFECT sports car and kept at price point under $40k would replace Porche or anyone else even considering the small sports car market. Nothing 'Big' about a 911 or Boxer... or an Audi AWD are small, having 'space' behind driver/passenger seats. The new ND is even SMALLER than previous NC or earlier models. A two seat sports car, having 'rear seat' which allows children to sit with seatbelts, safety belts to strap down children safety seat,, allowing for trunk space for TWO for weekend and one child Mazda missing a market. davzway

PS: MGB/GT allowed for car seat and luggage good for two with rear hatchback. .
Saab Sonett III, had space for car seat/child seatbelt with rear window opening and trunk space made week vacation for two adults, one child possible.
Fiat 124 Spyder - rear 'seat' joke for adult, had to install seal belts (not there standard, hole in floor made installation easier), able to take weekend trips for two with trunk , small but with luggage rack, trips possible, having two children, one seat belt, one in car seat was possible for picking up children when wife couldn't.
Datsun 2000 roadster, no kids then, space like Fiat Spyder . luggage rack on rear trunk lid made weekend for two possible.

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