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Help! I'm getting a Miata!

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Bencoop Ben C
Frederick, MD, USA   USA

My name is Ben and my buddy and I are considering buying a Miata to autocross. But first, we need an idea of how much this is going to cost us.. Specifically insurance costs. I'm hoping some of the many Miata owners on this forum can help us out.

Here's the details:
We are looking at a NA Miata, early to late 90's. Not sure what year but that's our general frame. Since neither of us know how to drive manual, we need to get it registered and insured so we can learn to drive it. We are both 17 years old, and all we need is basic coverage, and we would like to abide by (most) laws, and we want it to be under BOTH of our names. I have to imagine someone out there has some knowledge of this, and we will take any help/advice we can get.

Thanks so much!!

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MikeMilton Mike Milton
Gooderham, ON, Canada   CAN
2016 Mazda MX-5 "Mattie"
I'm in Canada, old, live in a rural area, and don't commute with the car. I'm presently paying just under $500CAD per year to insure a 2016 ND. I was previously insuring a 2001 NB for about $40 less

Hurt Avatar
Hurt Bill Hurt
Leesburg/Nashville, Florida/Tennessee, USA   USA
If you are going to enter any kind of competitive motor sport and want to win ever and have to do it "On the cheap", find something else to do with your time and limited funds. Going home in second or lower place is not fun. Going home a winner is never cheap.

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Mark Woody Mark W
Sacramento, CA, USA   USA
Don't do it! I've had a 2015 and a 2016. On both the shocks had metal on metal clanking-shocks. Dealer service gave the run around like crazy. Worst experience of my life and I've had 3rd degree burns!

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