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Personal Vehicle Registry

1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster Maroon Tan Wayne Tate

1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster

1970 Triumph TR6 White Wayne Tate

1970 Triumph TR6

1978 Triumph Spitfire Primer Wayne Tate

1978 Triumph Spitfire
2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible Titanium Wayne Tate

2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

4 Vehicles — Total mileage: 142,269 mi (228,960 km) — Average age: 1974

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Getting The New Fuse Box In Place

Posted on: Thursday March 1, 2018


Finally got the wiring harness complete, with all the separations on the circuits that was possible to fuse with out taking a lot of time to not make much improvement. I split most of the feeds and added a couple. The box required a little bit of cutting to install, it does clear the clutch master for fuse replacement.

Rebuilding Ignition Switch On Late Spitfire

Posted on: Saturday January 6, 2018

If all else fails. Those switches work by a sliding quarter size copper washer, cut off square on two sides. A copper peg rides in the middle. The contacts have springs holding pressure on them. Over the years they tend to get gummed up. Don't know what your expertise is or what you are willing to try, so take this or leave it. Clean the floor out and put down a towel or sheet up the seat, tunnel and door area. Just in case you take things apart to quick and things go bong in the night. ...

Installing The Rear End

Posted on: Sunday December 31, 2017

All, lots of us have struggled with and in most cases won ageist the heavy lump that turns the wheels. Some times the major problem has nothing to do with the rearend. The exhaust system, or back half of it needs to be gone, lots of places for the little Spitfire or GT6 to fight back. A couple of days before starting, put some penetrate on the brackets and pipe overlaps. While at it, give the rear long bolt, were it goes through the back a couple of shots. The bolt gets stuck in the collar of th...

Couple More Photos That Are Clearer.

Posted on: Wednesday December 27, 2017


Just showing the wires around the distributor.

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