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Retired Naval Officer, Retired from Utility Industry, former owner ACR-Automotive Cosmetics Restoration, LLC. Retired engineer, nuclear along with Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Engineering

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1970 MG MGB GT 895 BMW Mini BRG In Progress Joe Gliebe

1970 MG MGB GT

1971 MG MGB GT V6 Conversion Wt3 Rover Antique White Joe Gliebe

1971 MG MGB GT V6 Conversion
2016 Mazda MX 5 Soul Red Metallic Joe Gliebe

2016 Mazda MX-5

3 Vehicles — Total mileage: 107,000 mi (172,200 km) — Average age: 1986
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A Slow But Productive Day

Posted on: Tuesday February 5, 2013

After I removed the distributor from the '71 (It was a pertronix flame thrower). I decided to try it in my '70. Removed the distributor from the '70 and replaced it with the Pertronix, after tuning it worked like a champ! I will keep it there and keep the other as a working spare, just in case. The '71 sits with the back jacked up, no carbs, no manifolds, no alternator, no distributor, no oil cooler lines, and no wires connected. Today I plan on draining and removing the clutch hyd line to t...

Another Day Of Engine Removal Preps

Posted on: Friday February 1, 2013

Only spend a couple of hours today for engine/tranny removal preps. Removed the intake and exhaust manifolds. The carbs were left on the intake manifold while the exhaust down pipes were disconnected from the exhaust manifold. Disconnected and removed the alternator. Disconnected the coil from the distributor, disconnected the temp sensor lead, disconnected the oil pressure lead. This weekend I plan to disconnect the hydraulics from the clutch slave cylinder, disconnect the drive shaft from ...

Days 4 And 5

Posted on: Thursday January 31, 2013

Not a whold lot of work done the last few days, was busy with my other vehicles for the most part. However, I did drain the engine oil and oil coolier lines, drained and removed the radiator alone with the upper and lower hoses. Also the transmission is draining while I am typing this. The radiator looks in excellent shape, will keep it as a spare unless I weaken at a swap meet. I did notice that the fanteners for the radiator and the radiator support panel are stainless and appear new. Tha...

Day Three

Posted on: Tuesday January 29, 2013

Completed the inventory of existing parts and made room for parts that will be removed and saved from the new restoration. Positioned the GT in the warehouse where it will be worked on, with no interference with the other vehicles or my RV. I have to leave room to change oils in other cars also, especially my wife's VW or I will be in trouble. Removed the heater blower motor with the off chance that it works better than the blower in my other ride, operates normally but I do not think...

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