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A black '60s MGB roadster is the first car I recall my parents owning. We had two more roadsters and a GT during my childhood. Once I was an adult I wanted my own, and here she is, an 80 MGB LE! Then I sold it and eventually bought a 79 MGB LE. I kept it for about a year and sold it. Again. why? Fast forward and I've replaced it with a '96 Miata M Edition, while my girlfriend bought an '06 Miata 3rd Generation Limited Edition.

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1967 MG MGB GT Yellow Lee Reed

1967 MG MGB GT

1979 MG MGB Limited Edition LE Black Lee Reed

1979 MG MGB Limited Edition (LE)

1980 MG MGB Limited Edition LE Black Lee Reed

1980 MG MGB Limited Edition (LE)

1996 Mazda MX 5 Blue Lee Reed

1996 Mazda MX-5
"M Edition"

4 Vehicles — Total mileage: 476,600 mi (767,013 km) — Average age: 1981

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Never Satisfied?

Posted on: Sunday August 25, 2013

My 15 year old son s drawing of a MGB at speed

OK, After owning my second B for about 14 months, I was a bit less enthused this time around. I enjoyed both MGB LE's , but I had much less disposable income since my divorce, so, progress was much slower. I sold it at a profit, and next time I'm in the market, I think I'll go Miata, for the AC and simpler top operation. On the plus side, my oldest son is a real gearhead, at 15. His first car, still a work in progress, is a '67 MGB GT

Round 2 Of MGB Ownership

Posted on: Sunday April 14, 2013

Parked on the street

I sold my first MGB after bringing it back from the dead. The Mercedes diesel that replaced it was enjoyable for a while, but I never converted it to run on waste vegetable oil, and I later sold it. In 2012 I bought another MGB LE roadster just like my first, only a model year earlier. It's a 79. It was a driver as I bought it for $1750. I really plan to do a V8 conversion this time, but I need to decide on the best option, to get at least 300hp at the flywheel, and the right exhaust note....


Posted on: Monday May 19, 2008

I took the MGB as far as I was able for the moment. I replaced all the interior upholstery, brakes front & rear, recoated gas tank, and lots more. The buyer flew into DFW and drove it back to Florida over 3 days! WOW!! My young sons want me to replace it with a GT (for the rear seat room.) Maybe that'll be the next project. For now, the MGB sale has funded the purchase of a 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD which we may convert to run on WVO! Wish us luck, and we'll keep checking here for the nostalgia!

Initial Photo Of The B

Posted on: Monday March 12, 2007

Seller proves that it runs

I bought this car in Sept of 2006 for $950. The seller wanted to buy a Vette, so his wife said all other projects must go! I'd been persuing Craigslist for an "affordable" B roadster, and this was my chance. The original price was $1500, but when that got no action the car was relisted at $975, which I jumped on and bargained down to $950. So far I have done a rear brake job, re-installed the re-coated, rustproofed gas tank and re-connected the SU fuel pump. That's all it took to get the car...

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