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1972 Triumph GT6 MkIII Powder Blue David P

1972 Triumph GT6 MkIII
"The Beast"

2011 Ford Fusion

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 142,881 mi (229,945 km) — Average age: 1992

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"An Arm And A ... Heel"

Posted on: Saturday May 26, 2018

In I showed how I got the radius arm bracket(s) off, and what remains of the heelboard. The big decision today is how and where to cut the heelboard out, to replace it with a patch from the whole piece I got from Rimmer Bros. This will be the first time I replace a piece of metal (vs. just removing.) But first I need to switch to 0.023 welding wire... that's going to be interesting, also as I have never welded sheet metal before... Wish me luck.

Radius Arm Bracket Round 2...

Posted on: Friday May 25, 2018

or is it round 3??? I was able to drill out 90% of the spot welds holding the (driver's) radius arm bracket (with strengthener!) to the heelboard. I missed one or two, but was too hot and tired to complete it last night. Maybe tonight's the night!? I also received the driver's side A-Post from Rimmer Bros. It's much bigger than I thought and slides under and beneath much more of the rest of the structure in the footwell than I thought. I might just trim it back to be a patch instead of a ...

Wiring & Radius Arm Bracket

Posted on: Wednesday May 23, 2018

The rear wiring harness is getting in my way so I wanted to remove it. It needs to come out from the back to the front (through the inner sill) so I started in the rear and unclipped everything. (I also noticed some accident damage in the passenger rear which I hadn't noticed before...there's bondo on the outside but I didn't realize how bad it really was...Crap) In the spirit of "yak shaving", I coulnd't get a ground nut off. So I applied Kroil and got it to move via a pair of pliers, but af...

More Parts Ordered

Posted on: Sunday May 20, 2018

After much soul searching and hand-wringing, I gave in to Rimmer Bros' 15% off sale and ordered a new left (driver's side here in the US) A-post and a completely new heelboard. I could have maybe patched the heelboard but I was worried I wouldn't be able to reproduce the "divots" that help locate the floor in the rear. I'm still strugging so much with this. It's really disheartening. Maybe someday I'll *start* replacing bad metal instead of just hemming and haw'ing and scraping at the rusty s...

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