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Glenn E Avatar
Duson, LA, USA   USA
2001 Mazda MX-5 "Mine !"
Hello from Lafayette Louisiana
Just recently bought a 2001 Miata LS with the factory sport suspension package and slip differential. But one thing I have trouble determining is that everything says it's a LS by the interior, tan interior, leather tan seats, Bose system (at lest it use too, JVC deck install but the factory cassette is still in the dash not hooked up) Contacted Mazda customer service and the reply was that it was too old to get the build sheet but did give me the build date and that it came with the sport suspension package and slip differential. Also gave me the pdf file of I guess is the spec sheet for the 2001 Miata's and all the options and what standard on each model.

The problem is if my Miata is a LS with the sport package with the slip differential according to Mazda's spec sheet the only way to have the these options on the LS it says only with the 6 speed tranny and mine is a 5 speed, so what gives ? Is the spec sheet wrong or do I have a base model ? Or could some previous owner dropped the 6 speed and went back in with a 5 speed ?

Hell I didn't figure it would be so hard to figure out what I have sitting in my driveway................... confused smiley

Thanks for any information that ya'll can pass my way


PS: That is not the original top, just put that one on 2 weeks ago the original was glass with defrost

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017-06-04 10:14 PM by Glenn E.

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New Top.JPG    59.6 KB
New Top.JPG

Glenn E Avatar
Duson, LA, USA   USA
2001 Mazda MX-5 "Mine !"
Just took this pic of the ID tag on the passenger side door post. Maybe someone more knowledgeable with what the codes mean.

Thank you

Matia VI Tag.jpg    43.4 KB
Matia VI Tag.jpg

blam1 Avatar
blam1 Binh Lam
Garden Grove, CA, USA   USA
New member here from SoCal. Only the NA is running at the moment. Hoping to get the NB up soon and turbo in the future.

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20170615_203243.jpg    39 KB

adavecone Dave Cone
Bend, OR, USA   USA
Hello from Central Oregon. 1992 NA purchased from original owner 10 years ago. Pretty much stock at this point, although the brakes have been converted to '94-'97 spec and interior is being changed out from the tan to a full black interior. In the process of building a 1.8 with the 2.0 stroker crank and possible small turbo kit to replaced the original (and getting tired) 1.6.

IMG_20170529_185448632.jpg    44.1 KB

IMG_20170529_185729626.jpg    36 KB
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Sony Days Avatar
Sony Days Larry Sargent/R
Valparaiso, IN, USA   USA
2002 Mazda MX-5 "Baby"
Hello, My name is Larry, this is my second 2002 Madza Miata SE in Blazing Yellow Mica, I had to sell my first ones one and was fortunate to find this one in 2013, Always garage kept, Bubble Stored in Winter. I love it.The car has 55000 miles. I will add the Vin registration to it Later when I get to the Title. LOL

I live in Indiana and have about 4 months of driving before it has to go back to sleep for the winter.

I am having some battery problems due to not driving enough. I believe the alarm system is the drag. When the battery gets low, the alarm goes off occasionally. Also the lcd screen on my Bose Sound system is missing some segments. Would like to replace it with a new System one day.

I also ride bicycles for pleasure. I am 65 years young with a younger wife. She also loves my Miata.

IMG_0864.jpg    48.1 KB

wesleyb1 Wesley Bartlett
Burnt Hills, NY, USA   USA
Not such a new member, but I've been a lurker for a while. I bought my 2010 Mazda in September 2012. It had been a dealer demo for the first year of its life and used by someone for the second year. So, when I purchased it from the local Toyota dealer near Albany, NY, it still had quite of time left on its warranty. The only thing that gave me second thoughts about the car was that it has an automatic transmission. Well, I guess I'm not perfect either and it was such a good deal that I couldn't turn it down - I think the Toyota dealer just didn't want to have a non-Toyota car on the lot. It had 12,000 miles at the time of my purchase and now it has about 34,800 miles. Here in upstate New York, a Miata is definitely an April to October only car. No problems with the car (fingers crossed) but the tires are going to need replacing before the 2018 season. Any advice on that would be appreciated. Don't want the cheapest tires, I want to be safe, but don't want the most expensive either. Anyway, that's my story - Happy Driving to all!

MeAndMiata.JPG    76.1 KB

Kc0412 Kc Mx5
Metro manila, Quezon City, Philippines   PHL
Hi, I'm Kc and the Mx5 is my first car. I'm from the Philippnes and roadsters are not too common around here... So I'd be needing all the help I can get when it comes to maintenance and just about anything related to the vehicle. Many Thankssmiling smiley

IMG_3012.JPG    54.2 KB

IMG_3013.JPG    56 KB
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ytramother Marty K
Kensington, MD, USA   USA

My name is Marty and I recently bought a 2007 mx-5. I am just getting used to it. So far, I have managed to lower the driver's seat and put gas in it. Not a bad start actually. I have only scanned the forum and look forward to learning more about the car.

groovinon Matthew Kauley
Carnegie, OK, USA   USA
Rural Oklahoma & "Ready to Roll & Roll" in my Black MX5.

_L5A4302.jpg    30.5 KB

Clintonj Avatar
Clintonj Clinton Johnson
Duncan, OK, USA   USA
1991 Mazda MX-5 "Green Hornet"
Hello! I'm new to mx5world but have always been around and loved two seater sports cars. Started with my dad always having an mg or triumph. My sister's first car was a spitfire. My first Miata was a 96 m with everything. I sold it back to the original owner when I had kids. Moved to a 1990 project from a different friend. Sold that to my dad and got him and my uncle into miatas. Just picked up a 91 se with brg paint and only 65k miles on it! Had everything you want, hard top, boot, tonneau cover and even fitted miata luggage. No cracks in the dash, always garage kept. Timing belt and brakes had been changed at 59k before I even got it! Only issues I'm working on are sticky dash and a radio that is too quiet. Glad to be in the group!

IMG_20170827_155116.jpg    52.3 KB

AlexM Alex Mark
Brighton, MI, USA   USA
Hi I am Alex Mark. I recently purchased my second Nb The first had an automatic but it was showroom new with 16 k miles so I bought it for 8500 US it was great until some idiot who was probably my texting armed me as I was at a stoplight. Got the car fixed then at a very tight roundabout after it just started sprinkling. The yo-yo tires which sucked let the backend go free. ( no I was not going fast). Then at 90 degrees with the then rapidly spinning tears wheels which suddenly lost traction which put me though a sign which snapped then over a curb into a shallow ravine. I was ok except the two airbags went off and the cost of their replacement caused Rhee insurance company to total the car. They offered me too much not to take it. So now I recently bought a manual trans nb eith 22k miles with a hard top. For 7000 there are some minor songs. The only thing is there is a four inch dent in the right rear quarter that I have to have dealt with the other minor stuff is easy. Need a new hinge for the center console. I forgot how loud the MX 5 is. But I really like it. Have to get snow tires although the tires might be all season. With snow tires the Miata is fine in snow. Hello!

Dan Lockwood Avatar
O'Fallon, MO, USA   USA
Hello all.

I'm "really" new here. I'm a fairly new member to The MG Experience and wanted to register here as well. But I just found out that apparently being brother forums, I'm good with my MG registration.

I'm going to be starting my new car build in the next half year or so. It will be Harley powered and with an adapter, the Harley will be coupled to a Miata O/D trans.

I would like to find out a bit more about the transmissions.

I've always been a gearhead and loved anything with a motor and wheels.

Thanks in advance.

Have a great week.


Dan Lockwood
O'Fallon MO

Dan's Photo Albums

Rockie74 Avatar
Rockie74 Racquel Parfait
Houma, LA, USA   USA
New member here... just purchased a 1993 Mazda MX5 LE...I am trying to find the sequence number from 0-1500. Can anyone help me?

1Hilltopmike Avatar
1Hilltopmike Michael Adams
Abilene, TX, USA   USA
Bought mine last year. A 2000 MX5 SE. Absolutely LOVE it ! I'm retired & live very close to Abilene TX. I also joined The Texas Roadrunners car club. Considered a pre owned Corvette. My Miata, named 'Annie' as in ,"Annie. Get your gun" was much less expensive & the insurance rate is much less. I have AT LEAST as much fun in the Miata as I could have in a Corvette. I'm single and I have discovered that ALL my dates have loved this car ! And......Pleased to meet all you other Miata owners !

1Hilltopmike Avatar
1Hilltopmike Michael Adams
Abilene, TX, USA   USA
Glad to have found this Miata page ! Glad to meet all you Miata owners ! I am a retired, & single, long haul trucker. And, let me tell ya, going from a Freightliner to a Miata is quite the experience. Thought sure I'd drag my butt on the asphalt ! I decided to retire in Abilene Texas. I found a low mileage 2000 Miata MX5 Special edition & bought it last year. 05/05/2017. I have a lot to learn & I'm confident you nice people will assist me.

20170505_195156.jpg    39.1 KB

Vin Miata.jpg    24.4 KB
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Driving home with the Miata the Miata 20170505.jpg    29.9 KB
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