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NC Miata battery switch

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mgb1 James Wiebe
Has anyone installed a battery disconnect switch to avoid the battery drain problem? Will continuously disconnecting the power supply do anything other than loosing radio presets? Thanks!

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warpdrive Pieter Litchfield
Gansevoort, NY, USA   USA
2016 Mazda MX-5 "WARP DRV"
since my car is in a garage with electric outlets, I attach a very small (1 amp) battery maintainer for winter storage. You could incorporate a two pin trailer light connector and some ring terminals to permanently connect to the battery. My maintainer turns on at 14 volts and delivers a very small trickle charge.
If no power is available (outside storage), you might consider a solar maintainer. These plug into the "cigar lighter" outlet in most cases. In my case, during the months when the car is in use no maintenance is required. No lost presets.

TnMiataGuy Gary J
West Melbourne, FL, USA   USA
2002 Mazda MX-5 "Gumby"
2017 Mazda MX-5
I too have used a battery minder (smart charger) for cars not driven often. C-Tek makes a nice simple unit available on Amazon last time I checked.

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redhott Graeme Ott
Port Colborne, ON, Canada   CAN
Car manuals tell u to disconnect battery for working on A dis onnect switch mounted on the negative post is easiest.

TrishaTruly Patricia Brooke
Palm Coast, FL, USA   USA
I installed a battery disconnect on my 2001 and used it for the winter months when I wasn't driving it. Worked great! Better to reset clocks than having to buy a new battery!

zoomboy Avatar
zoomboy Rob Merritt
Irvine, CA, USA   USA
I purchased a Deltran "Smart" charger for my 2001 SE. I took the time to install the supplied o-ring connectors onto the battery. This allows the charger to be moved to use on another vehicle with the clip on connectors. This seems to be doing the job as my Miata starts right up.

Deltran Charger.jpg    31 KB
Deltran Charger.jpg

jjirish Avatar
jjirish Jerry Irish
Spencer, IN, USA   USA
2008 Mazda MX-5 "Christine"
On NC models, if you disconnect you will also have to reset your DSC. That will build up your biceps.

tim65mgb Avatar
tim65mgb Silver Member Tim Guntly
Cherry Valley, IL, USA   USA
I have battery tender I will install before winter storage. I have the anti theft immobilizer package. I think you need a code to activate the radio...which I dont have. Even if the bsttery is dosconnected it should see a trickle charge at least once a month.

mazlary Larry Stivers
San Antonio, TX, USA   USA
DSC = Dynamic Stability Control??

TrishaTruly Patricia Brooke
Palm Coast, FL, USA   USA
I disconnect my battery with a battery switch over the winter, otherwise I have to buy a new battery!

bruceracing Ivy Han
???, ???, China   CHN
Do you want a new silicone kits for your NC?

davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
YES,, did on 1992,, after that was gone, ordered one from MossMiata for NC (2011 PRHT) but never got around to installing ,,
have mine for $6 plus $7 Priority Mail.. for mine.. or just go to MossMiata, good folks done business with for years and more Ben Franklins than I care to think about.

DOES WORK JUST FINE...don't want to work on these cars with battery connected. davzway

Lil MK 4 Avatar
Lil MK 4 Dennis Mattson
Henderson, NV, USA   USA
1965 Chevrolet Corvair "65 Monza Vert - In Restoration"
1966 Chevrolet Corvair "Monza Coupe - Rare Factory AC"
1968 Austin-Healey Sprite "The Go-Kart"
Get a Solar Maintainer with Regulator.... I got the ones from Harbor Freight....

I have these on 2 of my cars and they work AWESOME !!!!
Lay panel on your dash, back window, etc... or if cars in a garage.. use the extension cables and place panel by a window, or outside

1.5 watt panel.... lays on dashboard, or suction cups to window.. $12.99
Solar Regulator.... $25
Acc Kit $9.99

On cars you don't drive often.... it's a MAINTAINER... NOT a charger..

You can also get bigger panels at Harbor Freight for cheap... that Will charge your batteries....

1.5 watt panel.jpg    44.4 KB
1.5 watt panel.jpg

1.5 watt panel 2.jpg    24.7 KB
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solar regulator.jpg    33.7 KB
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ACC kit.jpg    15 KB
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Shadau Patrick A
Regina, SK, Canada   CAN
Hey I put one on my 91 all it does is reset the radio. The car doesn't have many fancy things to go wrong. Give it a good charge and turn the knob and its good for the winter. Nothing to worry about.

Shadau Patrick A
Regina, SK, Canada   CAN
Now the solar panel I had plugged into my lighter and it drained my battery. If you hard wire it should be ok.

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