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How to find hardtops?

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Liazard Steve Bousquin
I'm starting to shop for a Miata 2014-2016. I want a hardtop (or removable hard top, not fabric). Is this type of top associated with a particular model? Is it an option? In other words, what am I looking for when I Google used Miatas?

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TRGT673 Avatar
TRGT673 Keith Bay
West Allis, WI, USA   USA
Hi Steve,

I think the answer is basically no, there is no particular model that is associated with hardtops. The PRHT (Power Retractable Hardtop) is an option on all models (?) as is a removable hardtop. You just need to find a Miata that has one of these. I have the PRHT and really like it. I had Triumph GT6s, hardtop (non-removable), and Spitfires, soft-top, for years and really like the PRHT as the best of both worlds. A removable hardtop is a pain because it still leaves you with the decision of 'top up or top down' when you go out but you are really stuck with your decision, unlike with a soft-top.


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Liazard Steve Bousquin
Thanks! That answers that. So driving a vehicle without a roof is considered a good thing, huh? Frankly I don't get it - but then I'm not an afficionado. smiling smiley

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javierf Avatar
javierf Javier R
Corpus Christi, TX, USA   USA
Actually you can purchase a removable hardtop for NC models from a dealer.

2 years ago I bought a brand new (in box and crated) OEM hardtop from a dealer in New Mexico. I bought it out-of-state to save State tax which went into shipping. It was shipped right to my garage door.

HARDTOP A3F BRILLNT BLACK, Part Number: NH52V4630 75; NF77R1810MPZ; NFY2R181X 75; NFY2R181XE75.

2005 Mazdaspeed MX-5 (mine)
2010 Sport NC (hers)
2003 Protegé5 (ours)

NC.jpg    98.7 KB

davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
ANY FACTORY HARDTOP, will WORK on ANY MX-5 Miata from 1990 through 2015 (NA, NB, and NC models). The ONLY part which may need changing is the mounting brackets on rear deck right behind well where top goes and before trunk lid. Brackets used to be ~$40 on MossMiata ( email direct if you cannot find and provide Miata year; then I'll look up and post their part # for you

Can check two or three Miata blog sites, Craig lists,,,, to find hardtop.... Last I knew aftermarket Shell was $1500 + $450 for glass rear window + $150 Headliner or look for Factory Hardtop (anywhere from $800 to $2000, lowest seen <rare> and highest <beyond normal if you are patient and wait for deal>.

Reason for long reply may be self serving, since this member still owns 1992 Factory Hardtop with rear defogger in rear glass, color Black, VG condition, buyer for Hardtop will also get my Rolling Metal rack custom designed FOR the Miata Hardtop with added ding nylon Cover ( $200 item by itself- see MossMiata),, rack was best I had seen unless you have room in garage to use a swing arm and overhead hoist.

Haven't advertised hardtop yet; previously tied up with the '92, hoping it would be repaired, One California owner been after the top for more than a year when I couldn't sell it, offering $1300 but did NOT want to cover the shipping expense to CA.

I WILL SELL THE TOP (including rack and cover) FOR $1,000 CASH .. Firm and if shipped ALL shipping cost including Crating so it will arrive safely is ADDITIONAL. Also have metal radiator, dual fan setup, Surco ss Removable Luggage Rack, and other odds and ends left over from my 1992*, POR for those items. Any interest, send personal email. INFO on Hardtop in accurate, and you can buy needed mounting brackets from several sources, including Moss Miata

* A LONG sad story. about incompetent garage who RUINED a racing engine doing routine belt replacement <including timing belt> AND THREE YEARS later where 'this mechanic/removing supposed rebuilt engine, Removing Head six times including three NEW Heads and required Court Filing which resulted in him BUYING the 1992 .

EugeneE Avatar
EugeneE Eugene Espinosa
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
I am interested in your hardtop. please contact me at

davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
Did reply to link though not sure it went through. Three weeks NO modem, using old modem replaced due to overheating (work 10 min to ??),,, . . doctor changing appointments, back Thursday,, will move generator out of way to get new pics when back,, best can be done at moment,,, will make BACKUPS for these pictures.. returned defective phone and sim card to get new phone,,, losing $20 Sim card is not a problem as ALL pictures on sim card. Hope t his works for you .. if not, understand, Dave

PS: Factory OEM top is from NA 1992, , gloss black like other member red car.

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