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do i need to drop the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump in a 1990 miata?

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davem Avatar
davem dave m
vancouver island, BC, Canada   CAN
my 1990 runs smooth at idle and runs just ok at slow speed increase but sputters at load when speeding up
-i have checked throttle body and air sensing unit for gunge but they all look clean and operate smoothly
-i have checked the accordion tube between them for leaks - it also is fine
any other ideas ?

-do i need to drop the tank or can i access thru the cockpit?

- is there a fuel pressure test valve somewhen in the engine bay?

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AlexM Alex Mark
Brighton, MI, USA   USA
Not sure but do not use an aerotex. Pump. I might have the spelling wrong but that company made faulty pumps but did not recall them it proved to be a real pain go with a Denso. Which is Ken made in Japan it costs more and worked flawlessly. The cost of replacing a bad pump even if warrantied with another bad pump stinks.

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