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airbag module burned up, now engine starts and stalls immediately

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Tandrus Tim A
Madisonville, TN, USA   USA
Hi I'm new to MX5World. I need help. I have a 94 1.8L Miata NA. Was running great until the airbag module burned up and smoke filled the car and the car stalled. I have unplugged the 2 wire harnesses but the engine would not start. Found the engine fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse and the engine will start and stall immediately. I checked the fuel pump relay and it is good. I checked the fuel pump by jumping the f/p and ground in the diagnostic box and it makes noise. Had my wife start the car as a shot starting fluid into the intake and the car will run as long as I keep shooting starting fluid in it. Checked the wires when I pulled the relay out and the 2 slots next by the passenger side does not get continuity when I turn the car over. I tested the back right of the relay harness and get almost 12 volts. I read the ECU may be now be bad. I was able to start the car and pump the pedal and will run a little longer rough and die. I checked power getting to the fuel pump (because I'm running out of ideas) and it gets almost 12 volts.

Anybody have any other ideas or did the ECU get fried also. I thought these were to completely separate systems?

Update: I got an ecu from ebay and it does the same thing. When turn the key off, I can hear the fuel pump for a couple seconds then the pump shuts off. Does anybody have an idea where to look next?

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davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
Surprised air bag burning up could cause problem,,, WHAT caused air bag module to burn up? Would check ALL fuses in fuse box IF you already had Engine fuse blown by mishap, causing such a short in system. May have more than one fuse gone (WHAT about Fuse box itself,, bad enough can damage box, requiring a back trace to find voltage drop. Still have problem or car? davzway (had 1992, 1996 and 2011)

Tandrus Tim A
Madisonville, TN, USA   USA
I'm sorry to respond so late. The airbag lite had been on since I bought the car (about 2 years ago) after researching this there was a defect in the air bag module that it will short. When it did it blew the main engine fuse which in turn messed the coil pack up. I was able to start the car and it would die after 2 seconds. The fuel pump worked and I could force the engine to run by spraying starter fluid in the intake. I couldn't figure it out. I was getting a code 1 (usually coil pack) but the coil pack worked when I sprayed fluid in the intake. I replaced a lot of electronic parts trying to find the problem. Then a wise miata fan suggested since I already replaced everything else. Why not the coli pack. I still kept thinking it can't be the coil pack because I can make it run so it is getting spark to the plugs. I broke down and bought one and that was the problem. I was told by another guru that was the problem a while back but I couldn't make sense of it until he said that the coil pack sends a signal to the fuel pump to turn on. Now that made sense. It is running now and have been driving it about 4 months. The only thing not working now is the tach.

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davzway David W
Fort McCoy, FL, USA   USA
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