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6 sp manual transmission fluid drain 2002

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Statesville, NC, USA   USA
I have a 2002 Miata and am trying to figure out where to put the transmission fluid. Yes, this is my first time. Be gentle.

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1Hilltopmike Avatar
1Hilltopmike Michael Adams
Abilene, TX, USA   USA
Utilize YouTube, my friend.

1Hilltopmike Avatar
1Hilltopmike Michael Adams
Abilene, TX, USA   USA
I'll tell you about my experience with changing the oil in the 6 speed manual in my 2000 miata MX-5 S.E. I looked at a few YouTube videos of changing the oil in these. ALL of them said the obvious. Pull the fill plug on the side of the transmission. Set it aside. Pull the drain plug below the fill plug and catch the old oil and discard. Clean the drain plug and make sure the threads on the transmission hole are clean and put the drain plug back in the transmission. No need to put a big breaker bar on it and tighten it until your veins pop out. Put the appropriate oil in the transmission in the 'fill' hole until it begins to drip out. Put fill plug in just as you did the drain plug. Now to the interesting part. All the YouTube videos said to get in your miata and take out the console. Shows you how to do that. It tells you that there is a shifter turret in there and that it is completely separate from the manual transmission resevore. Then it says and shows you how to take out the shifter. And it shows you all the old, icky oil in there and tells you to get a turkey baster and suck out all that old yucky oil out and to fill it back up with the same oil you used in your transmission. Says be careful not to over fill. Only takes , like, 85 milliliters of oil. The kicker. I got in my Miata. Removed the console. Pulled the shifter. Looked in there and , NO OIL ! I started putting some in there. Slowly. Nothing. More. Nothing. Never started to come up. Ended up putting the entire bottle ( 1 Quart ) in there. Made a phone call to my local Mazda Dealer. Talked to a mechanic. End result....... Jacked up the Miata, Pulled the fill plug from the transmission. Guess what. I collected a quart of transmission oil overfill from my transmission, then replace the fill plug. The shifter........and the console. BTW I used Royal Purple synthetic in the transmission AND the differential. 75W90 I even phoned Royal Purple and asked if it was true that that same oil was the right oil for BOTH transmission and differential, The engineer I talked to said , yes. Absolutely.
I know I appear to be a little naive her, and probably AM ! I'm just trying to help you fellows not make the same mistake.

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w1rc Avatar
w1rc Michael C
Marblehead, Hasslechusetts, USA   USA
Just be sure not to remove the plug on the right (passenger) side of the transmission. This only applies to the six-speed transmission. Removing that plug will lead to a shifter part falling into the transmission preventing you from shifting into 4th and 6th gear. You will need an expensive tranny overhaul to correct the problem.

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