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Strange rattle noise

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dborrer Dan B
St Augustine, FL, USA   USA
2013 Hardtop Club model:
About two months back the car developed a strange rattling noise that seems to be coming from either behind the dashboard or possibly in the hardtop. It happens when I travel over certain sections of road that are a little bit bumpy.
I can't tell if it's somehow part of the hardtop latch system, or if it's coming from behind the dashboard. But it's there even when the top is down, so I think it's a dashboard or possibly door issue. It seems to be coming from the passenger side.

I've ridden as a passenger and still can't determine where it's coming from. Nothing appears loose under the hood near the firewall, nothing appears loose on the door....

It's really annoying! Anyone have any similar experience or advise?

Thank you.

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Rotebarone1 Avatar
Rotebarone1 Bill Metcalf
Silverdale, WA, USA   USA
I have had a rattle that usually occurs just after I put the PRHT up and are starting off.
Most notably when the road surface is rough - potholes, pavement changes, sleeping policemen...
I've read elsewhere (in here, I think) this may be due to the hardtop not being fully seated.
My "fix" is to smack the hardtop latch smartly with the heel of my hand once or twice.
But yours rattles with the top DOWN.
'Don't think it is the top.

2008 Galaxy Gray PRHT

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chickmd173 Charlie Davis
Cynthiana, KY, USA   USA
2006 Mazda MX-5 "Mimi"
I had a similar problem with my 2006. Sounded like it was coming from the dash. After much searching, I finally narrowed it down to the top.
Turned out to be a loose "female wedge". This is the metal device mounted to the outside corners of the wind shield frame, which receive the "male wedge" (mounted to the convertible top) when the top is up. It rattled all the time, top up or down. Tightened the mounting screws and that did the trick. My 2006 has the soft top, but I'm sure there must be something similar on the PRHT. Anyway, may be worth a look. Good luck.


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