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I hv a 1977SPITFIRE. I have had 6 SPITFIRES, 1 GT6, and 1 AUSTIN previously. I bought the 77 SPIT (in rough condition) to convert to electric. I hope this will be the seed of conversion business.

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The new database servers are performing well under load, so I'll be continuing the database conversion process to the new layout for all websites, which will pave the way for better replication and backup systems. Please expect to see the "Scheduled maintenance" message on Friday night, February 17, 2017 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific time. I expect the work to take 4-6 hours as I want to take a full backup of the system for safety before making any changes. Once the websites are back up, there should be no visible difference in the operation or performance of the website. Schedule: Jan...

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Hello everyone, You've probably noticed that this website has had some unplanned downtime lately. I'm not sure about the exact cause, it's probably an intermittent hardware failure as the techs keep finding the main server powered off at the console. I've been rebooting and repairing the database as needed to keep things running, while making plans to transition to brand new servers with updated database, webserver, and firewall software. The good news is I've already run the migration plan on some of my smaller websites, and it's working brilliantly. The bad news is that the frequenc...

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2013 01 03 11 48 17
did have a 1995 green Mazda mx5 now sold and after a few years reconditioning a 1990 red British registered Mazda mx5 we are back on the road


I am perplexed at some of the changes a former owner made. My mechanic is stating that the seat heaters did not originally come with the car. In addition what was the socket for a cigarette lighter, which I use to charge my phone, was modified installing a button. In attempting to switch to the original, that seems to also be more of a challenge in getting part from the dealer.


Right back in 1969 I purchased my first sports car a brand new MGB. I did love my MGB however circumstances not long after the time of purchase insisted that I go more conservative in my choice of a vehicle. Sadly I sold the car that I loved. Since I sold that first MGB I had always yearned for another and some 3 years ago I had an opportunity to buy another MG, same colour, same model as the car I quit 46 years ago and bought it. The car was a lovely clean vehicle however did need some fixing in some mechanical and body cosmetic areas, but it was a good honest MGB. I spent many dollars get...


Purchased in NH, I'm 4 or 5th owner Very solid but have discovered some issues since owning 1) Critters. Previous home to one or more critters. There was a nest back by the gas filler 2) Couldn't remove/replace air filter, all the nuts/bolts seized. Drilled out, discovered performance problem, that's right, critters had been living on the filter for long time. new filter was = 20+hp boost. Still have to resolve the filter cover issue 3) Water - Sills & trunk, sills eventually dried out after putting in garage, pulled out liner etc. Need to find source and open up sill drains :-D


Is the wiper cowl intended to stop water penetration? mine is a bit sloppy.


Ormond Scenic Loop 2
Start of the Ormond Scenic Loop, Ormond Beach, Florida, 17 Oct 2015


i bought my first u.k. speck mazda mx5 in 2009 joined are local mx5 group and been out with them several times over the years now have another red u.k. speck mx5 1990 which was in apretty bad state and have spent several years welding and putting back to her original state now fully m.o.t. she needs to be resprayed


I have owned this cor for over 17 years, there are only about 74,000 miles on it and it has always lived in the garage. We have done a number of regional Miata meets in Pa.,Mass , New England and New York.


After sitting in a gated lot at the local body shop since March '14, she finally has a spot inside the shop. At the end of May the shop owner asked me if I wanted to start doing some work on it (how could I say no). So the front fascia and rear bumper were removed and the wet sanding began, after completing this, I removed the side mirrors, rear spoiler, gas tank lid and began the process all over again. (I am by no means a professional) Fast forward to Tuesday July 1, 2014 I began sanding down the stock rims with scotch brite pads and 180 grit sandpaper. Three wheels down one to go and my ...


Hi to my fellow Miata enthusiasts. The MX-5 Miata represents the best of the iconic British roadsters of the past, especially the '50s and '60s ACs, Allards, Aston-Martins, Austin-Healeys, Jaguars, MGs, Morgans, Sunbeams, Triumphs, etc. while adding a bit of comfort, convenience, and reliability to the sports car experience. I grew up loving the experience of top-down motoring and had the pleasure of owning and driving several of those older models in my youth, including a white '59 Austin-Healey 'bug-eye' Sprite, a '64 MGB, '66 MGB GT, and '67 MG Midget (all BRG), a gold '63 Sunbeam Alpine...


I was just wondering how to tell the production number of my car? I know there was only 1000 Vin number is JM1NB353920226707. Thanks , Joe


DSC 0294
We took the Miata for a COLD drive up threw the Adirondacks on 3/24/2012. It has been unseasonably warm this year and when we picked up our SE it was summer like and we drove it about 200 that afternoon of 2/22/2012. It got cold friday and on saturday we enjoyed a ride up threw the mountains, was so diferent without leaves on the trees, no crowds, desolate in Speculator. The lakes have ice remaining.

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